What is Sharing Economy?

“The sharing economy” defines the emergent ecosystem that is upending mature business models across the globe.

It is also known as the Trust Economy, Collaborative Consumption, the On-Demand or Peer-to-Peer Economy.

Sharing economies allow individuals and groups to make money from underused assets. In this way, physical assets are shared as services. For example, a car owner may allow someone to rent out his vehicle while he is not using it, or a condominium owner may rent out his condominium while he is on vacation.
Digital platforms that connect spare capacity and demand

Sharing economy business models are hosted through digital platforms that enable a more precise, real-time measurement of spare capacity and the ability to dynamically connect that capacity with those who need it.

People have always bartered and traded services, but the usability of this process is unprecedented thanks to the growing number of digital devices that make matching demand and supply easier than ever.

What is The Sharing Economy Alliance?

The Sharing Economy Alliance is an industry organization with a mission to facilitate constant dialogues between the community, the regulators, as well as other stakeholders through public education and actively exchange of global best practices.